Firewood For sale in Nassau County Long Island NY

Antonio Tree Services offers locally harvested firewood, in various sizes and bundles, for use in fire pits, camping, or fireplaces.


Firewood in Nassau County, Long Island NY

Antonio Tree Services’ firewood is sold by the half-cord, cord, or smaller bundles.

A full cord of firewood normally measures 8 feet by 4 feet and is 4 feet high. Buying Cords or half-cords of firewood will require you to cut the logs for use on most standard fireplaces, wood stoves, or fire pits.

Bundles are usually sold loose or in net bags, making them easy to handle. They make great sizes for a seldomly used outdoor fire pit, indoor fireplace, or for camping. These firewood sizes are convenient and ready to use for all your needs as they do not require extra cutting.

We normally carry multiple sizes and we’re happy to cater to custom sizes if applicable needs are required.

Is Dried or Seasoned Firewood better than Fresh Wood?

For the best burning experience, wood should be seasoned, for six months to 9 months, or up to a year, to remove as much moisture as possible. Seasoned wood means it’s been dried naturally and protected from the weather elements.

Wood that has been seasoned will look and feel dry, have loose bark around it, and contain splits and cracks at either end.

Seasoned wood will also burn cleaner, with less smoke and virtually no crackling. It will provide a better heat transfer giving you better warmth since it provides a more sustainable heat source. Seasoned firewood also leaves less residue, making it easier and more effective to clean.

Antonio Tree Services’ Firewood is seasoned dried.

Seasoned Dried Firewood in Nassau County

If you are in or around Nassau County, Long Island, NY. Then you can get seasoned dried firewood near you from Antonio Tree Services. Give us a call or use our contact form to check for wood availability and current prices. We offer pickup and delivery options.

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