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Tree Services We Offer In Nassau County, NY

Antonio’s Tree Service is a fully licensed and insured tree servicing company that has been providing top quality tree removal and related services to Nassau County NY  for over 15 years. A fixture in the community, we combine experience with skill to deliver high quality tree services.  From stump removal and emergency services, to tree trimming and tree removal, Antonio’s Tree Service is committed to helping you handle any problem that may arise.  We provide an array of tree services to the major counties in Long Island New York including Nassau County, Queens County, and Suffolk County.

Below are some of the services that we have perfected and are proud to offer in Nassau County:

Tree Removal

Tree cutting has been our profession for over 15 years. Antonio Tree Services can help with all your tree cutting, tree trimming, dangerous and hard-to-reach trees that need to be cut. We work with all residential and commercial clients all over Nassau County. Each tree is unique which requires a special removal process and should be done by a professional who has years of experience and knowledge so damage is prevented to your home and people around. Call for your free quote and receive excellent tree removal work at a very low cost.

All Tree Removals also include removing the stump.  

Tree Trimming

Trees can bring beauty to your home and property so have them trimmed by a professional and keep them growing healthier for years to come. Our tree trimming service can beautify a tree and bring out the best your lawn has to offer. Keeping a beautiful landscape helps the value of your home or property rise and makes a house become a home. Proper trimming the dead and pruning out the inside growth will strength the structural core and help keep it free from diseases and bug infestation. Tree trimming service guarantees all our trimming and pruning services with low prices and quality work.

Emergency Tree Removal

Our emergency tree cutting service in will help with any unexpected occurrences that can happen anytime day or night. Understanding that trees can fall on your home or property structure, emergency tree removal service has a crew of experienced tree cutters ready 24/7 to help with any urgent tree care needed.

Lot Clearing

We can clear your lot with low rates and get the job done on time with out damaging your property or trees you want to keep. Lot clearing service has all the right equipment and know how to clear your lot or land exactly the way you want with affordable prices. For quality lot clearing services call today and save.

Debris Removal

We will remove any unwanted debris, sticks, logs, brush piles, fallen trees, or stacks of limbs from your property with our fast and dependable debris removal company. Ice storm and high winds can break limbs and branches from trees within seconds. Our debris removal services will pick up all your unwanted limbs and brush piles with low prices.

Stump Removal

We will grind down to below the grade from 8-15 inches. All that is left is a pile of shredded chips that can be easily removed or used as mulch for your garden or landscaping.

Tree Pruning

When you prune your trees it will help promote faster growth and will maintain growth structure for your limbs and branches. Many people prune their fruit trees, because it helps them produce more fruit during its cycle. Tree Pruning can range from many different types styles and outlooks. Call us for a tree pruning services and get your trees, shrubs and bushes pruned correctly with a price you are happy with.


Antonio Tree Services offers locally harvested firewood, in various sizes and bundles, for use in fire pits, camping, or fireplaces.

Winter Care

Long Island NY is notorious for its harsh climate that is responsible for bleaching and desiccating evergreen foliage, bark damage and branch injury, flower buds, and root damage. Our team of tree care experts will inspect, diagnose, and offer the best alternative for protecting your trees, shrubs, and herbs during the winter.

We also specialize in planting and power line cleaning!

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