Tree Removal Services In Nassau County,NY

Tree Removal Services in Nassau County, NY

Antonio Tree Services takes pride in being a trusted and reliable tree removal service provider in Long Island, New York. We have been serving Nassau County for the past 20 years, and have learned every skill, technique, and everything else there is to know about tree removal and care services.  With our highly specialized equipment, we take care of your trees, focusing on tree health, quality care, customer satisfaction, and minimal inconvenience to you. Whether you’re looking to reshape a pear tree, clear up space for construction or clean up after a storm, Antonio Services takes care of all your tree care needs. Don’t let a nearby tree cause mildew and mold on your roof, wall, or windows. Say bye to clogged gutters and clear your walkway and compound of unwanted debris. Trim your trees and let the sunshine in; it’s good for you and your lawn. Talk to the tree care experts, and we’ll handle the rest.

What are tree services?

Trees are an important part of your yard and landscaping. In some cases a tree can greatly increase the curb appeal of your home or it can be damaging to the image. Storms and winds can also knock down branches and cause trees to wear down. In cases where you need a tree tended to, a tree service company can help you handle any issues the tree may be causing. A full-service tree removal company is an organized team of tree specialists with experience in the various activities revolving around tree care, cutting, and disposal. Some of the services that make Antonio Tree Services  Nassau County’s favorite include:

  • Full tree removal services. Different types of trees require different removal procedures. Large or small, we help you get rid of damaged, dangerous, overgrown trees or those that just shouldn’t be where they are.
  • Tree Trimming. We trim young trees to encourage proper growth and stronger tree stumps. For older ones, we remove branches that could potentially lead to damage, are too low, or bring in too much shade.
  • Emergency tree removal services in Long Island. Storms and hailstorms can be unexpected, and with this unpredictability comes the risk of tree damage. As your safety is important to us, we act fast to remove split branches, fallen limbs, or trunks that may bring harm to your family’s way.
  • Stump Grinding and Removal. Our heavy-duty stump grinders reduce your unsightly stumps to a pile of shredded chips. We can take these away or leave them to you for use as garden mulch or for landscaping.
  • Land and lot clearing services. When your property needs to be cleared of shrubs, trees, or stumps, turn to Antonio Tree Services. Our thorough workmanship and experienced professionals quickly tackle your specific condition with minimal inconvenience.

Do you offer tree removal services in Nassau County?

If you’re looking for local experts in tree removal, Antonio Tree Services are the best in Nassau County, NY. We are dedicated to keeping your property safe, clean, and beautiful at the best rates with minimal inconvenience to your life. Whether you need tree and stump removal, trimming, or emergency services, we are available round the clock. Here is a list of the most common towns in Nassau County NY we service in.

Tree Removal Services in Nassau County NY

Trees are one nature’s best blessings to us, and there’s little we can do to reciprocate their benefits. In a world where saving trees is the epitome of our responsibilities, tree removal may sound a bit weird. However, there comes a time when a tree in the wrong place may cause more harm than good, especially when it is old and decaying. This is where professional tree removal services come in. Hiring the right tree service gives your home a better view, and improved curb appeal, and silently takes dangerous trees away. We are a licensed and fully insured tree servicing company on long Island NY, with a specialty in Nassau county.

What is the cost of tree removal services?

If you’re looking for affordable tree care and stump removal services in Nassau county, you’ll want to balance professionalism and cost. The price of tree removal service isn’t a one size fits all and therefore, you’ll often need to request a quote. With us, you can do that for free!

Why do I need to get a professional tree removal service?

Hiring specialized and trained tree caretakers has the following benefits, among others.


Without the right skills and tools for tree removal, attempting to remove a tree may lead to injury to you or damage to property. Hiring professionals for this job alleviates the risk of property or personal harm, as they take strict measures for your safety and that of their staff.

Saves time

Being professionals, tree service companies have experienced staff and specialized equipment that get the job done in no time. They know the best way of achieving results in the shortest time possible.


Storms and hailstorms are unpredictable, and when they occur, nearby trees may end up falling on your property. A tree service company removes the debris and alleviates the risk of property damage. They also rehabilitate the remaining trees to avoid further damage.

Save other trees

A diseased tree could put the others at risk, as most tree diseases are transmittable. Stump grinding completely removes traces of the infected tree, along with the disease.

The Right Tree Services in Nassau County, NY 

Tree removal services play a vital role in both tree care and accident prevention. Choosing the best tree service in Nassau County, NY may sometimes be a hassle. One should ensure that they work with a licensed and insured service. Antonio Tree Services provides free quotes and work to save your time, other trees and keep you and your family safe. It’s no wonder we’re rated Nassau County’s best – we do it professionally with minimal inconvenience.

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